We offer a range of services designed to cater for every client’s needs and budget

Services Available

Universal Buyers Agents

Full Service – Locate, Evaluate, Negotiate, Settlement, Manage

After understanding your buyer brief we connect you with on and off market opportunities then evaluate using our comprehensive property checklist ensuring the correct due diligence is completed.

Following this, we negotiate the best price on your behalf, connect you to other services including building and pest inspectors, mortage brokers and conveyancers. We ensure settlement is seamless and then manage your investment with our highly experienced property management division.

Universal Buyers Agents

Evaluate , Negotiate , Purchase , Settlement

This service suits buyers who prefer to search for the property themselves, but would like a professional buyer’s agent to offer advice on market value, do the appropriate due diligence, negotiate the best price, and then ensure settlement is seamless.

Universal Buyers Agents

Auction Bidding Service

We take the emotion, stress, and uncertainty out of the auction buying process. We discuss the various strategies available, formulate a plan so we buy right either before, during, or post auction. We will offer our professional opinion on value and discuss not just the property but the suburb and city it’s located in.

Universal Buyers Agents

Portfolio Management

Already managing hundreds of investment properties, we at Universal Buyers Agents, ensure your investment is managed professionally. With ample and experienced personnel caring for your asset, clear and regular communication, youll sleep well at night knowing your property is in the safest hands.