Meet the Team

Darren Piper


Director Universal Buyers Agents | Director Universal Rentals | Buyers Agent w/ Team Piper
0423 853 771

As the Founding Director of Universal Buyers Agents, Darren Piper is across all the property markets of Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast. Darren’s philosophy is that the secret of success in property is to buy well, not just purely relying on selling right in the future. His underlying knowledge of the property market and the real estate industry has translated to successful purchase outcomes for his clients. Once a real estate agent himself, he is adept at handling negotiations to ensure purchase terms are in favor of the buyer rather than being strong armed by the seller. Attention to detail, honesty and tenacity are some of the principles that Darren subscribes to day in day out, which has led to a strong presence in the media as well as repeat clients over many years.The Universal brand is redefining the way property is purchased today, disrupting the status quo by working exclusively for you, the buyer. Whether you are buying a self-occupied home or investment property we manage every aspect of the buying process. This includes bidding at auction, assessing, inspecting, negotiating, accessing off-market property, and ensuring settlement is seamless.

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Emma Flatley


Senior Buyers Agent | QLD
0467 470 828

Emma started her career in Real Estate 7 years ago as a selling agent, diligently working in the inner eastern suburbs of Brisbane. Emma discovered that her talents in the industry could be grown even further, joining Universal Buyers Agents to act exclusively for the buyer in the transaction. She accomplished her goal of buying her first home before turning 21 and developed a passion for renovating. She believes in finding the best property for the best price while also providing exceptional service. Driven by a passion for real estate, Emma is determined to find you the exact property you have been looking for with a caring, motivated and dependable spirit.

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Nicole Irwin

Lead Buyers Agent | Team Piper
0481 968 050

Young and ambitious, Nicole is a rising star at Universal Buyers Agents and works diligently to be her best self and succeed in her real estate career. She has studied psychology and believes people skills are fundamental to a successful career in property. She loves to socialise, connect and share experiences. Working in the industry has already strengthened her interpersonal skills and she is heading into great things here with us at Universal Buyers Agents.

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Kylee Luong

Lead Associate | Team Piper
0402 931 101

Growing up in Brisbane her whole life, Kylee has always shown a keen eye for Brisbane Real Estate and a strong passion to pursue a career in the industry. Coming from a customer service background, Kylee is recognised for her genuine approach and dedication towards providing transparent and honest service. Her attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond for her clients ensures their purchasing journey is seamless at every step. Having joined Universal Buyers Agents as an Associate to Team Piper while completing her dual degree in Property Economics and Business at QUT, Kylee hopes to hone her knowledge and skills to continue delivering exceptional service to her clients.

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Senior Property Manager | BDM
0401 068 807

Katerina brings a wealth of knowledge, energy and passion to the vital role of Business Development Manager here at UNIVERSAL Rentals where she ensures her clients achieve results that exceed expectations.Katerina is proud to share her knowledge gained from 11 years’ experience in the real estate industry enjoying various roles from administration, sales assistant, property management, onsite management and Business Development.

She has had the pleasure of working with a range of clients, local, interstate and international and is known for communication skills helping her in achieving outstanding results and providing the highest quality experience.

Katerina’s passion, energy and tenacious personality provides unwavering determination to achieve the best for her clients, and exceeding expectations. This leads to maintaining long term connections and ongoing referrals.

Being a country girl at heart, Katerina fell in love with Brisbane City and the vibrant, spirited lifestyle. Outside of work you will find her on weekend adventures in the sun and socialising with her nearest and dearest.

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Vivian Trantan

Buyers Agent | QLD
0422 026 138

Vivian prides herself on delivering a client experience that is bespoke, striving to provide first-class service delivering high-level results for each and every client that she meets in her property journey.

Understanding her clients’ individual needs is paramount to Vivian. Her unrivalled attention to detail, above and beyond nature sees her working tirelessly to guide and support her clients through their property planning and purchasing needs.

A long-term property owner, investor and landlord herself, Vivian has built her knowledge in the property industry with over 15 years plus of experience which has been born from her first-hand understanding of the stress and time that is involved in each property transaction.

Vivian’s bilingual skills ensures seamless communication with clients who speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Cambodian and Vietnamese. Providing a high-level service which encompasses property purchasing for investment, portfolio building and management through to securing your forever dream home.

Vivian has built an enviable reputation with her integrity, enthusiasm and commitment to focus on providing a 6-star client experience that is everlasting. Resulting in a stellar network of repeat business and direct referrals from her peers alike in the industry.

An advocate for self-improvement, Vivian enjoys seeking new challenges and without a doubt a great person to know and have in your network, should you be perplexing with where to start when embarking on your personal property journey.

A foodie at heart, Vivian enjoys spending her spare time discovering new fine food destinations. Travelling, camping, fishing with family and friends and always open for a good game of golf or tennis, given the opportunity.

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Luke Osborn

Luke Osborn

Buyers Agent | QLD
0431 272 905

With an impressive track record in off the plan luxury new homes, site sourcing/acquisitions and inner-city knockdown rebuilds.

What sets Luke apart is not just his years of experience in the industry, but his unwavering commitment to providing a truly bespoke customer experience. His attention to detail is second to none, and he truly goes above and beyond to ensure that his client’s needs are met every step of the way.

As someone who invests heavily in the Brisbane property market himself, Luke brings a level of insider knowledge and a broad expertise that is hard to match. He is the ultimate professional, and you can trust and rely on him to help you navigate the often complex world of property buying.

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Niall Gilhooly

Buyers Agent | Sunshine Coast, WA, SA
0466 599 587

Based on the Sunshine Coast, Niall makes it his mission to know his local market inside and out. Passionate about turning property dreams into reality, Niall believes in open communication and empowering clients with knowledge throughout the process. He excels at uncovering unique properties, whether they’re off-market, pre-market, post-market, or delisted, ensuring the best value for his clients.

Recognising the need for swift action in securing prime properties, Niall is decisive and efficient in his approach.

In a world filled with real estate jargon, Niall stands out for his ability to simplify complex concepts, making the buying process accessible and enjoyable. He’s empathetic and results-driven, leaving no stone unturned to alleviate stress and bring a touch of fun to the experience.

With a degree in mathematics, Niall is a numbers expert, ensuring a thorough understanding of every purchase. As an experienced investor with properties across QLD, NSW, and VIC, he knows the smartest strategies for building portfolios, leading to substantial savings for his clients.

Whether you are a first home buyer, upgrader/downsizer, relocator or simply don’t have the time to do it yourself, Niall can guide you through every step of the way, saving you countless hours and ultimately money in the long run. With his deep understanding of the buying process, market, negotiation and communication, you can sit back and relax knowing that you are in safe hands.

For Niall, it’s all about people, properties, and creating win-win situations. Expect his unwavering commitment, attention to detail, and genuine passion to shine through in every interaction.

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Sarah Nunn

Sarah Nunn

Associate Buyers Agent | Team Osborn
0437 667 009

With a background that spans from hospitality management to becoming an award winning new home sales person, Sarah has developed a keen understanding of people and the property market.

Sarah has completed a Bachelor in Business after an initial venture into psychology. Her role within Team Osborn goes beyond mere transactions, she is often regarded as the glue that holds the team together, bringing a friendly, personable, and hardworking ethos to every interaction.

Coming from a large tight-knit family where ethics and integrity are held in high regard, Sarah’s upbringing has deeply influenced her professional approach. She embodies these values in her work, ensuring that every client she interacts with benefits from her genuine care and commitment.

A passionate advocate for health and fitness, Sarah is an avid Pilates enthusiast. Her love for staying active transcends into her professional life, where her dynamic energy and enthusiasm for trying new things make her a versatile and engaging agent. Sarah is someone who dislikes standing still, always seeking to explore and embrace new opportunities for her clients.

Guided by the belief that “what is coming, is better than what has gone,” Sarah maintains a positive outlook, even in challenging situations. This philosophy underscores her resilience and ability to stay unphased by setbacks, posing a major advantage for our Universal clients.

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Mollie-Rae Benson

Client Concierge | Operations
0402 171 544

Coming from a background of hospitality I dealt with so many different people, which was very rewarding to me. I heard so many interesting life stories and this allowed me to develop a people-centric nature, compassion, enthusiasm and excellent customer service skills.

So, I aspire to help families, couples and/or any individual who is struggling to find their way through the property market and excel above the industry standard! I strongly desire to contribute my talents and proficiency in motivation towards all my peers and clients in my role.

These assets have developed to be beneficial throughout my career which I will proudly carry to bring to both my team and anyone that I engage with. Having joined Universal Buyers Agents as the admin/client concierge and completing my licence to be an associate, I hope to become more knowledgeable in the industry and be a strong asset to the UBA Team.

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Anne Tran

Anne Tran

Associate Buyers Agent | Team Trantan
0436 651 975

With over a decade of dedicated experience in the property industry, Anne brings a unique blend of expertise as a seasoned data analyst turned passionate buyers agent. Her journey has been fuelled by a genuine commitment to helping individuals and families find their perfect homes. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or seasoned investor, she can navigate the complexities of the market, ensuring your needs are met with precision and care.

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Meet the Team

William Parmenter

Associate | Team Piper
0429 857 660

Bringing a disciplined and strategic approach from a military background, Will is a dedicated newcomer to the real estate industry. He is committed to applying his strong work ethic, attention to detail, and people skills to provide exceptional service to clients. Eager to learn and grow within the field, Will aims to deliver outstanding results and create positive experiences for every client he works with. His transition into real estate is marked by a passion for helping people find their perfect homes and making informed property decisions, ensuring each transaction is handled with care and expertise.

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