Why you need an independent buyer’s agent for your next property negotiation

Purchasing a property for a good price is all about being an expert negotiator. This means being able to leave your emotions at the door and make decisions with your head, not your heart. Expert negotiators have the ability to keep their cards close to their chest and know when is just the right time to reveal them. Finally, negotiation is about being able to hold your ground and not getting swept up in the moment but staying clear headed and focused on what you want to achieve. Doing these things will lead to a successful property purchase, but they are a lot easier said than done.

Independent buyer’s agents have a reputation of being expert negotiators. Here is some basic, need to know information about buyers agents and why you should be hiring one to handle your next property purchase.

What is an independent buyers agent?

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A buyers agent is an expert negotiator. They use these skills to secure you (the buyer) your ideal property for the best possible price. A buyers agent can assist you with a number of services. They can help you find a property using their expert knowledge of local areas and market trends. They can also help you negotiate with the homeowner or real estate agent to secure you the best possible price for your property purchase. When it comes to signing the contract between you and the homeowner, a buyers agent can help to make ensure everything runs smoothly and is legally sound. If you want, a buyers agent can do all three. Assisting you to find, negotiate and sign the contracts for your new property is what buyers agents are all about.

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How do you benefit from an independent buyers agent?

Using an independent buyers agent can benefit you in a multitude of ways. Busy professionals might use a buyers agent to save wasting any of their own valuable time when looking for a property. Having a buyers agent is also finically beneficial as the agents expert understanding of property value will save you making the common mistake of over paying for a property.They use their expert negotiation skills to ensure you save money on your property purchase.  Independent buyers also have great knowledge of local areas, so if you’re from out of town and local to purchasing a buyers agent will be able to find you the right property in the right area without you having to worry about doing too much research.

Who should be using an independent buyers agent?

Everyone looking to purchase property can benefit from the expert and unbiased advice of an independent buyers agent. Here are some specific examples;

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First home buyers

First home buyers are the most vulnerable when it comes to purchasing property as they lack the experience needed to properly negotiate the sale of a home. Most first home buyers will take 7 to 12 months to purchase their first property. A buyers agent will help you save time so you can be in your new home faster. A buyers agent helps first homeowners by ensuring their naivety doesn’t stop them from achieving the right price for their first home.

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The purchase of an investment property is fairly different from buying a home. The difference being that with an investment property, the aim is to purchase a home for the best price in an up and coming area so that in the future your return for purchasing that home will be greater than the price you originally paid for it. Information about market trends is not readily available to the public. A buyers agent has the resources and knowledge to find you an investment property that has the best chance of increasing in value over time.

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Mums and dads

Buying a home for your family, is kind of like being a parent. It can be very rewarding but it can also be time-consuming, stressful and emotionally draining. Luckily with an independent buyers agent, busy parents can save themselves the stress and emotional strain of finding, and negotiating the purchase of a home. You do the parenting and leave the property negotiation up to the experts.

If you are still not sold on the benefits of using an Independent buyers agent to negotiate the purchase of your next property, why not speak to one yourself?

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