A guide to investing in Property

Why you should be investing in Brisbane or The Gold Coast

Beautiful weather, friendly locals and close access to some of the country’s best beaches. These are only some of the reasons why Brisbane and the Gold Coast are becoming Australia’s biggest property hotspot. Here are some other reasons now is the time to be investing in Brisbane property.

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The Brisbane property market continues to offer affordable investment opportunities, while prices in other major Australian cities continue to grow more and more exorbitant. This makes Brisbane an attractive as a city in which to invest in property. Particularly for those trying to get their foot in the door of the property market, as well as those looking to invest in multiple properties.

Consistent Growth using an Trusted Buyers Agent on The Gold Coast

Brisbane has shown consistent growth in the property market over the last few years. In 2016, Brisbane had the fastest growing property market in Australia. This means that the values of houses are continuing to rise making them profitable long-term investments.

Better yields

A yield is a measurement of future income on an investment. Brisbane properties tend to present better yields then those in other major cities. Better yields mean more money for your investment over time.

Low cost of living

Compared to other major cities Brisbane’s cost of living is significantly low. This makes it an attractive place to settle down and purchase properties for many families. More and more people are moving to Brisbane to start families making it a great place to invest in property.


Who is investing in Brisbane?


Brisbane is a spacious city with plenty of parks and child friendly public spaces. The cost of living here is generally low compared to other major cities. These things together make this city particularly attractive for families looking to invest in a family home.


Yield is the major thing that investors seek when buying investment property. Brisbane provides better yields than any other major city and is therefore more attractive to property investors.

First home buyers

Tougher banking conditions and falling Interest rates are making it more difficult for property investors to make money. This has the potential to open a gap in the market for first home buyers trying to get their foot in the door. The best option will be to use an official buyer’s agent to do the work.