How much do buyers agents cost in Brisbane?

At Universal Buyers Agents in Brisbane, we make things easy by negotiating a flat fee up front based. Once a fee is agreed upon, we can get straight down to business in finding you the perfect property and you can rest easily that there are no nasty financial surprises around the corner.

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What are you paying for?

Save Time

As the saying goes, time is money. Buying property can be extremely time consuming as you will spend hours, days and months searching though listings and visiting properties. A buyers agent will do all the tedious, time consuming work for you.

Expert knowledge and understanding of the property market

When purchasing property in Brisbane, you want to find property that is going to grow in value over time and provide you with a good return. A Buyers Agent has an expert understanding of the property market and will be able to find you the best property in an area that is up and coming.

Expert negotiation skills

Buyers Agents are expert negotiators with access to information not readily available to the public and understand intrinsic market value. They use this information to negotiate a price for the buyer that matches the property’s worth.

Access to off-market opportunities

A buyers agent has access to off market properties. This means you will be able to nail down a property before the competition even knows about it.

Professional advocacy to help you avoid common mistakes

Buying property can be an emotional experience for some. This is normal, but it is also costly. A buyers agent will remove the emotion from purchasing property. It is their job to act in your best interests with a focus and logical negotiation of a property. A buyers agent is also less likely to be bought by a sellers spin and will be able to see though the sale and negotiation of the property with a clear understanding of the properties value.

The property market in Brisbane is highly competitive. For people without expertise in the area it can be extremely difficult to navigate properly. The truth is that without the guidance of a buyer’s agent, you are likely to make mistakes and these mistakes can be costly.  Paying for a buyers agent is a form of insurance against making these mistakes.