Posted On : October 12, 2020

Why a First Home Buyer Might Use a Buyer’s Agent

Eliminate the pain points of buying your first home with a buyer’s agent.  Avoid overpaying, navigate the real estate process and find the right property for you.

Why a First Home Buyer Might Use a Buyer’s Agent

Why Using A Buyers’ Agent Is Crucial

BUYING a home through a buyers’ agent used to be the preserve of the rich and famous, but first home buyers are among a growing cohort of property investors seeking the expertise of property experts to find their dream home.

Unlike real estate agents, buyer’s agents work exclusively for the buyer. They act as a buyers’ advocate to search for properties, evaluate them and negotiate with the seller (or their agent) to seal the deal at the best possible price.

“Purchasing your first property can be quite a daunting experience,” Universal Buyers Agents property expert Brad Weston said.

“But we’re here to save you time, we’re here to make sure you do pay the right price and we’re here to ensure you do all the checks you need to on the property such as flood plains, zoning and character overlay.”

Buyers agents can help with a range of different services including:

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Why a buyer’s agent can help

Getting your foot in the property market can be a daunting and long drawn out process, especially if you’re new to the buying process.

Buyers agents can help demystify the process and provide up to date expert advice:

  1. Up to date advice: Universal Buyers Agents stay on top of market trends, challenges and opportunities so you’re not following out of date tips.
  2. Time poor: they can take the pain out of endless open homes and relentless online searches and connect you to on and off market opportunities which fit your brief and budget.
  3. Off market listings: UBA has a huge network of properties which are not listed online, giving you access to exclusive properties and deals.
  4. Different markets: if you’re looking for properties outside your market, perhaps interstate or in regional parts of the state, UBA has local knowledge you need to find the right property and price.
  5. Negotiation confidence: one of the most daunting parts of the buying process for first home buyers is how to make an offer and for how much. A buyers’ agent can handle the process for you so you don’t end up overpaying.
  6. Emotional detachment: avoid getting too emotionally attached and use an expert who can stop you from overlooking issues or pay more than you should.

Universal Buyers Agents offers an experienced and professional buyer’s advocacy service for those looking to buy a home or property. Contact us now to find out more information.