Posted On : April 3, 2023

What to look for at Pre-Settlement…

Pre-Settlement inspections are one of the very last parts of the buying process, BUT they are not something you want to overlook for 2 reasons.

  1. We want to ensure the property you are agreeing to purchase has been left in the exact same condition as when we first viewed it.We make sure all appliances mentioned within the contract are still present, no damage has been added and no rubbish or mess has been left behind by previous owners…
  2. When negotiating a purchase price, we will often include aspects of the home that may need to be rectified or repaired. For example, the gutters may need replacing, so we negotiate new gutters into the agreement. The pre-Settlement inspection is our opportunity to make sure this repair has been completed to the specifications within the agreed contract.

When is a Pre-Settlement Inspection done?

A Pre-Settlement inspection is performed 2-3 days before settlement. This allows the property sellers to amend any issues before settlement and avoid any delay.

This process is important to ensuring a smooth and stress-free handover!

We perform hundreds of Pre-Settlement inspections on behalf of our clients every year. It is rare that we come into issues with a property, BUT on the off chance that we do, it has saved our clients a world of pain and money in the long run.

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