Posted On : September 28, 2023

What not to do at inspections

Navigating Open House Inspections: What Not to Do

Open house inspections are a pivotal part of the property hunting process. They provide an opportunity to explore potential homes, get a feel for different neighborhoods, and gather valuable information. However, they can also be a bit of a social minefield. To ensure you leave the best impression and gather the information you need, it’s essential to know what not to do during these viewings. In this blog, we’ll delve into the common pitfalls to avoid at open house inspections.

1. Don’t Arrive Late (or Too Early)

Punctuality matters. Arriving late to an open house inspection can be disruptive to both the agent and other attendees. Conversely, showing up excessively early might make the agent feel rushed and show eagerness. Aim to arrive on time, allowing the agent to provide you with the necessary information and answer your questions comfortably.

2. Avoid Bringing a Large Entourage

While it’s great to have the support and opinions of friends and family, bringing a large group to an open house can be overwhelming and off-putting to the agent and other potential buyers. Limit your entourage to a select few whose input truly matters to you.

3. Keep Your Poker Face On

One of the most crucial points to remember during open house inspections is to maintain your composure. Agents are adept at reading body language, and revealing too much enthusiasm can potentially harm your bargaining position. It’s often advisable to maintain a “poker face” and not overly express your interest in the property. This includes not revealing your budget.

4. Avoid Criticizing the Property Unnecessarily

While it’s perfectly acceptable to ask questions and seek clarification, avoid making unnecessary negative comments about the property. Criticizing the decor, layout, or condition of the property can be seen as rude and may affect your rapport with the agent. If you have concerns, express them tactfully and constructively.

5. Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

Open house inspections have a schedule to keep. Spend an appropriate amount of time exploring the property and asking questions, but avoid lingering excessively.

6. Keep Your Budget Close to Your Chest

While engaging with the agent, be cautious about revealing your budget. Agents may use this information to tailor their approach and potentially influence your decisions. It’s generally a good practice to keep your budget confidential until you’re ready to make an offer.

Mastering Open House Etiquette

Open house inspections offer a unique opportunity to explore potential homes and gather valuable information. To ensure a positive experience, remember to be punctual, respectful, and composed. Maintaining a “poker face” when it comes to your level of interest and budget can help you negotiate from a position of strength when the time comes. By following these guidelines and practicing good open house etiquette, you’ll leave a lasting impression and make the most of your property search.

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3 things to Avoid doing at inspections.