Posted On : April 3, 2023

Top 2 questions to ask Real Estate Agents!

While the selling agents motivations are to gauge the interest and position of potential buyers, as Buyers Agents, we like to flip the conversation, asking them questions of our own.

Here are 2 questions our team use to gain valuable information from a selling agent that will empower our negotiations.

  1. WHAT ARE THE SELLERS MOTIVATIONS: Understanding what is motivating the sale of a home can provide us with valuable insight into how we should approach the negotiation of the property.

Sellers situations vary from moving interstate, downsizing, financial situations or simply a change of scenery. The circumstances around this sale will also determine the urgency behind the sale, or lack of.

  1. WHAT PRICE WILL NOT BUY THE PROPERTY: While your natural response when asking the selling agent about price would be, ‘what do the owners want’, we find a more effective question to ask is actually the opposite.

‘What price will NOT buy the property’

Simply flipping this question will provide you with a benchmark to work from. As Buyers Agents in Brisbane we are always looking to secure a property at the best possible price. So, if we can understand their lowest, this provides us with a starting point to work up from, rather than down.

So be sure to take these questions for a spin at this weekends opens!