Posted On : September 15, 2023

The half service


The half service.

Found the perfect property, but don’t want to overpay?

A “half service” for a buyer’s agent refers to a more niche scope of assistance provided to buyers.

The agent’s role primarily focuses on inspecting, assessing, and negotiating for properties that the buyers themselves have found. This typically means that the buyers have taken on a larger role in the property search process and have identified potential properties without relying heavily on the agent’s assistance for property discovery.

The “half service” agent would step in to offer expertise and support specifically in the negotiation phase of the transaction. This involves helping buyers determine an appropriate offer price, covering off on due diligence, drafting and submitting offers, and negotiating with the seller or their agent to secure the best terms for the buyer.

While this arrangement can potentially save property buyers money on agent fees since they are handling the property search themselves, it’s important to carefully consider your comfort level with negotiating and your knowledge of the local real estate market.

A “half service” arrangement might be a good fit for experienced buyers who are confident in their ability to find properties but still want professional assistance in the negotiation process.