Posted On : August 24, 2018

Off Market Properties


What is an off-market property?

An off market property is typically where the seller wants to sell their property without going on the open market, like or An agent will represent their property but not actively market the property.

Reasons for making your property an off market property include wanting to keep the sale private or possibly not wanting to spend money marketing the property. This is a great option if you’re thinking of selling your property, but just aren’t too sure yet.

five6Why should you want access to off market properties?

Off market properties tend to be hot-deals and are sought out by investors. Off market properties are usually a quick sale and have less competition, making it appealing to both buyers and sellers.

When buying a house that is readily advertised, there is a lot more competition and it can be difficult to get a bid in on time. With off marketing properties, you’re not in a race to get the best deal, but the best home for you.

Also, with an off market property, it is easier to negotiate lower prices. If the seller is just waiting for an offer or just want to sell their home, it can be easier to get them down to a price more in your range.

Remember that off market properties have their risks and make sure to do your research to know if this is the buying/selling option for you!

universe buyer agentHow to find off market properties?


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