Posted On : September 23, 2020

How To Find Properties Which Aren’t “On The Market”

The secret to finding properties before anyone else. Universal Buyers Agents three tips to finding “off market” properties.

Three tips from property experts to find your ideal property

PROSPECTIVE buyers will be all too familiar with trawling pages of or Domain to find their dream property, only to be disappointed because it sold outside their budget or was snapped up quickly.

But Universal Buyers Agents founding director Darren Piper said buyers can give themselves an edge by looking outside mainstream listings.

“We always get asked how else can I source a property without relying on websites like Domain or,” Mr Piper said.

“We often hear of buyers who have become burnt out in their search because they are competing with everyone else.

“But there are three ways you can get a leg up on the competition and find homes not available to the general public.”

Three tips on finding properties before anyone else with Darren Piper:


This is where a vendor wants to sell but may not want to commit to the marketing spend to go through the process of advertising online, or they may be extremely private and want to keep the details of the sale discreet.

Most buyers won’t have access to off-market listings, but our buyer’s agents have access to our UBA database, the largest source of off-market listings in Queensland.


Pre-market opportunities can be found by contacting local real estate agents directly, one by one or to engage a buyer’s agent who can connect you to opportunities in their network.

This is when the vendor is planning on going to the market by there may be a week or two window where they are preparing photography or floor plans which you can take advantage of and view first.

View of skyscrapers Brisbane QLD, Australia

Expired or withdrawn listings:

This is when the property has hit the market, often in the last two years, but hasn’t sold. It could have been for a variety of reasons; the agent may not have been the right person for the job, the seller’s circumstances may have changed or they put a tenant in the property. The good thing is you know they have intent to sell and a buyer’s agent can track the seller down and negotiate a sale.

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