Posted On : November 22, 2023

Navigating the Brisbane Property Market: Is This the Optimal Time to Buy?

Key Takeaways –

In real estate, timing is everything. This is well-known among new buyers, seasoned investors, and real estate pros. Right now, many are looking at the Brisbane property market, wondering if it’s the right time to invest or better to wait.

Recent numbers show good signs for Brisbane’s property market. In the last two years, the average price of properties in Brisbane went up by 15%. The average house price jumped from $650,000 in 2021 to $742,500 in 2023 [1].

In this article, we will explore the facts and trends so you can make an informed decision about investing in Brisbane’s property market.

The Brisbane property market

Brisbane’s Ascend to Global Recognition

Brisbane is making a name for itself on the global stage. A big highlight was when The Calile Hotel got a special mention. It secured the 12th position in the inaugural World’s 50 Best Hotels List [2]. This was a big deal because it was the only hotel in Oceania to get this honour.

People love its cool Miami-style design and often share pictures of its pool deck on Instagram. This achievement shows how Brisbane is becoming a place people around the world are noticing.

Brisbane’s growing reputation doesn’t stop at a fancy hotel. The city is on its way to becoming a global destination. There’s a lot more happening that puts Brisbane in a good light internationally. This growing global recognition is also good news for the property market.

It brings more people, more business, and more opportunities to the city. All these factors make Brisbane’s property scene even more attractive to buyers and investors.

Unveiling the Property Market’s Recovery

Brisbane’s property market is bouncing back. After a tough time, it’s now showing signs of recovery which is good news for buyers and investors.

The prices of properties are on a steady rise. Over the past months, the average prices have been going up little by little. This shows that the market is gaining strength and moving in the right direction.

The fact that prices are going up shows that demand is growing too. More people are looking to buy, and that’s pushing prices higher. Brisbane is doing well compared to other places in Australia, making it a good place to think about buying or investing in property.

Eyeing the Horizon: 2024 and Beyond

Big things are coming for Brisbane, especially with the 2032 Olympics on the horizon. This major event is expected to bring many changes to the city.

The 2032 Olympics is more than a sports event; it’s a big deal for Brisbane [3]. It’s expected to draw people from around the world, bringing international attention to the city. This means more people will come to live, work, and invest here, which is good for the property market.

Along with the people, the Olympics will also bring economic benefits. There will be new jobs, better infrastructure, and more business opportunities. This will likely make the city a more attractive place to live and work.

Besides the economic benefits, the lifestyle in Brisbane is also expected to get a boost. The city will improve its facilities to accommodate the international event. This could lead to better public transport, more recreational areas, and improved public services.

Demographic Surge and Economic Flourish

The federal government has shared some forecasts about how many more people will be living in Queensland in the near future. They expect the population to grow by more than 16% by the time Brisbane hosts the Olympic Games in 2032.

This is a significant increase, and it’s likely to have a big impact on the city, especially the property market. With more people living in Brisbane, there will be more people looking for places to live. This higher demand could push property prices up.

It’s a simple supply and demand situation – when more people want houses, the prices of houses tend to go up.

Not only housing but this population growth will likely bring more economic activity. More people means more jobs will be needed, more services will be used, and overall, the economy will likely see a boost.

The Resonance of Figures

Let’s look at some recent numbers to understand the growth in Brisbane’s property market. The data shows a positive trend, with property prices on the rise.

In August 2023, CoreLogic reported that Brisbane house prices went up by 1.5% [4]. Proptrack’s report for August also showed a lift in home prices by 0.27%, following a 0.37% rise in July.

These figures are a good sign. They show that the property market in Brisbane is doing well, with prices going up steadily. This isn’t just a one-month thing but a trend over a few months which is a positive sign.

Analyzing these reports helps us see the upward trend in property prices. It paints a picture of a strong property market in Brisbane, which could be a good sign for buyers and investors.

A Long-Term Outlook: Is Now The Time?

When we think about the long-term, Brisbane seems to be on a good path, especially in the property market. The city is growing, more people are coming in, and with big events like the 2032 Olympics on the horizon, things are looking up.

Now, let’s talk about the property market. With prices going up steadily, it seems like the market is gaining strength. This is a good sign for anyone thinking about buying or investing in property here. If this trend continues, the value of properties in Brisbane could go up even more in the long term.

But is now the right time to jump in? Well, with the current momentum in the market, it might be a good opportunity to invest. Property prices are rising, and getting in now could mean watching your investment grow over time.

Also, with the upcoming developments and the positive economic outlook, the future seems promising for Brisbane’s property market. This could be the right time to take advantage of the growing market and make a move.


Brisbane’s property market is showing a lot of promise. With steady growth in property prices, more people moving to the city, and big events like the 2032 Olympics coming up, the future looks bright.

This article explored various factors that make Brisbane an attractive place for property buyers and investors. The numbers are positive, and the city is gaining attention not just locally but globally too.

If you’re thinking about investing in property, now might be a good time to consider Brisbane. Take a closer look at the facts and the trends, and see if this is the right move for you. There’s a lot happening in Brisbane, and this could be your chance to be a part of it.

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