Posted On : January 8, 2021

Universal 2020 Wrap up and Market Update

Brisbane’s property values remained resilient over the last year, especially given the economic impact of COVID-19, and  are now forecast to perform strongly in 2021.

The Brisbane property market is performing very strongly with the number of sales being significantly higher than pre the Coronavirus pandemic. Brisbane will start the new year with a surge of pent up demand for home buyers and investors.

Here are some of the most recent forecasts that came out at the end of last year:

But digging deeper into the stats some properties have far outperformed others and freestanding Brisbane houses with 5-7 km of the CBD or in good school catchment zones have grown in value strongly. Properties located in the inner ring suburbs, particularly in gentrifying locations, will outperform cheaper properties in the outer suburbs. The reason being, Covid19 has adversely affected low income earners to a greater extent than middle and high income earners who are likely to recover their income back to pre-pandemic levels more quickly, while many have not been hit at all.

The Brisbane property market is now at a new high and will continue to record positive growth due to the many underlying strong market drivers. The affordability factor, with Brisbane’s median house price now far lower than Sydney and Melbourne, as well as higher rental returns, is likely to drive more interstate investment into the city.

Why Use a Buyers Agent Brisbane

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