Universal 2020 Wrap up and Market Update

Brisbane’s property values remained resilient over the last year, especially given the economic impact of COVID-19, and  are now forecast to perform strongly in 2021.

The Brisbane property market is performing very strongly with the number of sales being significantly higher than pre the Coronavirus pandemic. Brisbane will start the new year with a surge of pent up demand for home buyers and investors.

Here are some of the most recent forecasts that came out at the end of last year:

But digging deeper into the stats some properties have far outperformed others and freestanding Brisbane houses with 5-7 km of the CBD or in good school catchment zones have grown in value strongly. Properties located in the inner ring suburbs, particularly in gentrifying locations, will outperform cheaper properties in the outer suburbs. The reason being, Covid19 has adversely affected low income earners to a greater extent than middle and high income earners who are likely to recover their income back to pre-pandemic levels more quickly, while many have not been hit at all.

The Brisbane property market is now at a new high and will continue to record positive growth due to the many underlying strong market drivers. The affordability factor, with Brisbane’s median house price now far lower than Sydney and Melbourne, as well as higher rental returns, is likely to drive more interstate investment into the city.

Why Use a Buyers Agent Brisbane

If you’re wondering what will happen to property in 2020–2021 you are not alone. Rest assured you can trust the team at Universal buyers agents to help with your next purchase.

2020 hasn’t come without its challenges but Universal buyers agents has gone from strength to strength given our teams determination, perseverance and focus on world class customer service. We would like to thank our client and referrers for such a strong year. We look forward to knocking 2021 out of the park.

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Three Reasons A Mortgage Broker Will Refer You To A Buyer’s Agent

Why do mortgage brokers suggest the help of a buyer’s agent? Get expert advice to help you find your dream home faster with Universal Buyers Agents.

Why Do Mortgage Brokers Suggest The Help Of A Buyer’s Agent?

SUFFERING from buyer fatigue, stress navigating the buying process or numerous pre-approval lapses? It might be time to call in the help of a buyer’s agent.

In the same way that mortgage brokers help buyers find the best loan for their budget, buyer agents such as Universal Buyers Agents, find the best property for the right price allowing you to get into your dream property faster.

If your mortgage broker has recommended the help of an expert, UBA property expert Simon Clarke said it could be because you’ve encountered a few hurdles in your property search.

“Why would a mortgage broker refer their clients to a buyer’s agent is a common question we’re often asked,” Mr Clarke said.

“Ultimately it is in cases where buyers have been preapproved one, two, three, multiple times and the preapproval has lapsed because they haven’t found what they’re looking for, they’ve grown frustrated with the buying process and they need help.”

Mr Clarke said some brokers will often suggest the help of a buyer’s agent from the outset if their customer is a first home buyer or “are really nervous and need someone to help them through the buying process.”

“If a mortgage broker refers you onto someone like ourselves we can expedite or speed up the process and demystify some of the pain points and find them best possible property,” he said.

off-market and pre-market properties Brisbane

“Another reason they refer you to us is if you want access to more properties than those you find online.

“We have access to a huge database of off-market and pre-market properties the general public just don’t get to see.

“We work with a network of sellers and real estate agents and can connect you to opportunities before anyone else.

“Sometimes being first can be the difference between getting your dream property and losing out to a herd of bidders who drive the price up and add stress to the process.”

Buyers agents represent the interests of the buyer and will chase the best possible outcome for their client. They can help with sourcing, researching, bidding and managing properties or help navigate the auction process.

Buyers who are nervous about the buying process, uncertain about bidding, living interstate or need some help to develop a detailed analysis of the investment potential of a property can benefit from the expertise of a buyers’ agent.

Universal Buyers Agents offers an experienced and professional buyer’s advocacy service for those looking to buy a home or property. Contact us now to find out more information.

Queensland Property Market: Your Comprehensive Guide.

Queensland Property Market: Your comprehensive guide.

Queensland’s property market is fast becoming the state’s economic engine room, powering ahead and defying predictions of a COVID-induced downturn.

Despite uncertainty, waning consumer confidence and on-going restrictions plaguing real estate markets in the Southern states, Queensland’s trifecta – Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast – are reporting record levels of activity.

Such is the demand for property, interstate and international buyers are snapping up real estate sight unseen and enlisting the services of buyer’s agents to secure deals off market to succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape.

But is this economic property boom likely to continue? Or will Queensland’s real estate market succumb to COVID induced pressure and force housing prices to retract like Sydney and Melbourne? And if the boom continues where are the opportunities for investment?

If you’d like advice on the best areas to invest, help buying a property or understanding more about Queensland’s property market, help is right here.

The outlook looks optimistic:

You’re not alone in feeling uncertain about the future, but there are strong signs of stability in Queensland’s housing market.

Despite a bleak economic outlook at the start of 2020 when COVID-19 restrictions came into force, Queensland’s property sector has defied nationwide trends with a surge in buying activity.

Sydney and Melbourne property prices have seen a steady slide, but CoreLogic data has consistently shown strong growth for Queensland despite uncertainty and waning consumer confidence during the pandemic.

So why is Queensland’s market seeming impervious to economic pressure?

The property sector has in large part been bolstered by a steady inflow of migration into the state. More than 30,000 new residents have been registered in the past six months from interstate migration and expats returning home to Australia.

The hard border restrictions, though contentious, have allowed Queensland’s business community to remain functioning. And although the unemployment rate remains high, it has held steady without large fluctuations month to month.

Add to that, record low interest rates from the banks and it’s easy to see why an increasing number of buyers are casting their eye to Queensland’s key property markets – Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast – where prices are still in reach compared to inner city markets of Sydney and Melbourne.

Universal Buyers Agents property expert Simon Clarke predicts Queensland will weather the economic storm of COVID-19 better than other states who are already seeing signs of a downturn.

So where should you invest?

The Sunshine Coast

Lions Park, Noosa Heads, Australia

A Zoom boom is drawing sea-changers to the Sunshine state causing a surge in transaction activity in markets such as the Sunshine coast.

Universal Buyers Agents property expert Simon Clarke said demand for coastal properties have skyrocketed since the pandemic as more buyers choose lifestyle over commute.

“With so many people working from home and conducting business differently we’re seeing a lot of buyers move to sunnier shores rather than around the CBD,” Mr Clarke said.

“The Sunshine Coast in particular has recorded consistent dwelling growth for both houses and units while population growth is at its highest in almost a decade.”

The median house price on the Sunshine Coast increased by 3.8 per cent in the year to June 2020, and median unit prices jumped 2.4 per cent.

“If you look closer at certain suburbs those increases are even more phenomenal,” he said.

“The median house price in Sunshine Beach, just outside Noosa, rose 16 per cent in the July quarter and about 27 per cent in the past year.

“Minyama is up 23 per cent in the year to July, typical house prices are now above $1.1 million.”

Regional Queensland has managed to achieve something few markets across Australia have managed; it’s maintained high levels of well-performing real estate markets in defiance of COVID-19. It is now one of the strongest economic Cinderella stories in the country.

“Although tourism does account for a large part of the Sunshine Coast economy, it has been relatively insulated by ongoing spend in infrastructure including highway improvements, local Sunshine Coast airport and a subsea internet cable link to Asia.”

But is it too late to jump on the band wagon?

“Although house and unit prices have climbed sharply the demand continues to remain strong, now is the perfect time to secure your new home, investment property or consider a sea-change from overpriced markets like Sydney and Melbourne,” Mr Clarke said.

The Gold Coast:

North Burleigh Place, Miami, Australia

Gold Coast properties are being snapped up sight unseen by a mix of interstate and international buyers as record low interest rates, low Australian dollar and an increasing number of expats fuel demand.

Universal Buyers Agents property expert Simon Clarke said “activity is phenomenal” with buyers from Singapore, Hong Kong, United States and United Kingdom reaching out to local buyer’s agents to help them secure real estate from overseas.

“It’s growing every week and the location on many people’s lips is; The Gold Coast,” Mr Clarke said

“Many buyers are cashed up and having dealt with lockdowns in small city locations overseas, they’re ready to come home.”

Rental vacancy rates on the Gold Coast are the best they’ve been in two years. It’s welcome news for investors who are pulling out of expensive Sydney and Melbourne inner city properties to invest in larger, more affordable homes along the coast.

With so many properties selling off-market, buyers agents are now the weapon of choice for most purchases as the market becomes increasingly competitive.

Mr Clarke estimates one in four homes are now sold off-market before they have a chance to be listed publicly.

But what does the long-term picture look like?

Experts tip locations such as Miami, Elanora, Burleigh and Tweed Heads to grow as much as 7 per cent in the next year and as high as 23 per cent over the next three years.


Brisbane from the Mount Gravatt lookout

Sold signs are a common sight in Brisbane’s suburbs these days as an increasing number of properties go under the hammer.

The market has remained relatively resilient in the face of ongoing pressures despite consumer confidence taking a battering in the state.

Property sales are up as much as 20 per cent in the year to July 2020 with prices remaining steady, slipping less than one per cent since the start of the year

Liveability, affordability and a strong pipeline of future projects, such as Cross River Rail and Queens’s Wharf, have helped bolster Brisbane’s reputation as the market to buy.

But in a city with a sprawling footprint, where is the best suburb for your money?

Universal Buyers Agents property expert Simon Clarke said the suburbs of Brisbane are experiencing a surge in demand, likely to drive property prices up over the long term.

“Brisbane is heating up,” he said.

New data from Select Residential Property predicts the top five suburbs to watch are Carina Heights, Mount Gravatt, Mansfield, Chapel Hill and Graceville.

Prices are expected to grow as much as 7.3 per cent over the next year and as high as 24 per cent over the next three years.

“We have a lot of buyers coming to us looking for help to secure properties in the suburbs,” Mr Clarke said.

“It helps to have someone in your corner to help you navigate the market when it gets competitive like this.

“There are a lot of growth opportunities but it can pay to have an expert to ensure you’re making the right choice for your investment in the short, medium and long term.”

Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Real Estate Agent During A Negotiation    

Traps to navigate when negotiating a property purchase. Advice from property experts Universal Buyers Agents.

Traps to Avoid When Negotiating a Property Purchase   

NEGOTIATING property can be an exciting process.

But unless you have plenty of experience with the buying process, Universal Buyers Agent expert Simon Clarke said it can be hard to know how to approach a negotiation and what information you should and shouldn’t reveal to a sales agent.

“Negotiation is a really important step when buying a property,” Simon Clarke said.

“It’s a large sum of money, you need someone on your side, like a buyers’ agent to get the best possible outcome for yourself.

“A real estate agent’s job is to get the best possible price for the owner of the property from you, and they use hundreds of tactics and tricks that they are trained to use to get the best deal from yourself for their seller.”

While he insists real estate agents aren’t monsters out to get you, it is their job to make the best possible sale at the highest possible price for the vendor, and are not hired to represent the interests of the buyer.

The 5 Types of Buyers Who Use A Buyer’s Agent

“As such there are a few cards you should keep close to your chest to make sure you don’t come out on the worst end of the negotiation,” Mr Clarke said.

“Have you been asked what do you think this property is worth?

“Have you been asked are you pre-approved?

“What are you pre-approved for?

“What’s the most you’re willing to pay?

“They’re just a few questions an agent would use to get a handle on where you’re at in the buying process and how motivated you are to buy a particular property.”

He said it’s also important not to reveal you’re in a rush to buy or time frames you’re working in and to avoid using emotional statements about the property.

Revealing you’re unfamiliar with the negotiating process or don’t know the area are also to be avoided.

“Negotiating can be a daunting process, so it makes sense to engage a professional like a buyer’s agent to help navigate these questions and tactics so you’re not giving too much away and get the best possible deal for yourself.”

Universal Buyers Agents offers an experienced and professionalbuyer’s advocacy service for those looking to buy a home or property. Contact us now to find out more information.


Why Do Property Owners Sell “Off Market”   

Find out why an increasing number of property owners are selling “off-market” with Universal Buyers Agents property experts.

Increasing number of property owners are selling off-market. How to find secret deals.        

AS many as one in three properties sold in Queensland are listed “off-market” and the number continues to rise.

But why are so many property owners choosing to sell “off market”?

“Often sellers want to be discreet, they might be going through a divorce, might be elderly, hold a well-known profile in the community, undergoing financial stress, whatever it is, they want to be discreet about the sale,” Universal Buyers Agents property expert Simon Clarke said.

“We also see a number of property owners who may have tried to sell in the past, had no luck and are now looking to sell it privately.

“Maybe they’ve got tenants in place and tenants don’t want groups of people traipsing through their homes.

“Or the main reason, that sellers don’t want to pay expensive marketing costs.”

According to Realestate.com.au, in 2020 the average marketing campaign in Melbourne costs between $6500 and $8000 and in Sydney the cost can range between $4500 to $10,000.

Mr Clarke said in Brisbane, costs can be a lower but it depends on the type of property and what marketing plan the seller is prepared to pay for.

Off Market Property Brisbane

“Particularly with COVID-19 lockdowns and consumer uncertainty, there are a lot of sellers who are asking themselves, why pay the marketing costs if the property may not sell?

“Selling off-market is a good way to test the market and check the appetite of buyers without costs.”

UBA has one of the largest off-market databases in Queensland, you can sign up here.

UBA hundreds of properties with a total value of more than $100 million and growing.

“We have a network of real estate agents and sellers we work with and can connect our clients to secret opportunities before they reach the general public,” Mr Clarke said.

“This is how we can get great deals which benefit both buyer and seller and simplify the buying process.

“Some sellers just want a fast, no fuss sale and this is a great way for them to get the ball rolling.”

“Talk to us about our off-market network, we work with sellers and real estate agents all over the state.”

Universal Buyers Agents offers an experienced and professional buyer’s advocacy service for those looking to buy a home or property. Contact us now to find out more information.

Why Doing Your Due Diligence Before You Buy Could Save You Thousands 

Get advice on the right checks to complete before you buy from property experts Universal Buyers Agents.


Failing to complete the right checks before you buy could cause pain down the track.

COMPLETING the proper due diligence before buying a property can mean the difference between a happily ever after or a real estate horror story.

But knowing which checks are necessary and which aren’t can be tough to navigate, which is why Universal Buyers Agent property expert Simon Clarke recommends calling in the help of an expert.

“One of the mistakes a lot of buyers make when they purchase real estate is not doing the proper due diligence,” Mr Clarke said.

“Sometimes buyers overpay huge conveyancing costs doing every check under the sun, but more often than not buyers try to skimp on checks and end up paying for it later.”

He said homebuyers have been caught out buying in flood-prone areas and struggling to secure affordable insurance, buying next to a development site or finding out their home is hit with noise pollution.

“It can be as simple as not understanding where a sewage line might go through a particular part of a block,” he said.

“You may not think it matters now, but they then buy the property, go to put in a lovely pool and find out there’s a great big sewage line running through the block ruining their plans.

Get advice on the right checks to complete before you buy from property experts Universal Buyers Agents.

“It’s a really good idea to do the proper due diligence before you buy so you aren’t hit with surprises like this later down the track.”

Mr Clarke recommends checking things like noise pollution, steepness of the block, is it a character area, where things like the sewage line runs or if there are any development applications in the area.

“There are plenty of stories of buyers who didn’t do the proper checks who have bought only to find out that the quiet open home on Saturday afternoon was not an accurate portrayal of how loud the property because their street is a thoroughfare for traffic Monday to Friday,” he said.

“There are even buyers who have purchased without checking development applications only to find out that enormous apartment buildings are going in next door blocking their views or creating noise.

“It could end up costing you and hurting your long term investment.”

Universal Buyers Agents help navigate the research and due diligence process using their expertise and partners to evaluate a property’s potential.

“It helps to have someone in your corner,” he said.

Universal Buyers Agents offers an experienced and professional buyer’s advocacy service for those looking to buy a home or property. Contact us now to find out more information.